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Hello beautiful, welcome to Beyond Fit, the UK's biggest health and wellness movement. Motivated by our own health, weight loss and wellness journeys, we hope to inspire. Beyond Fit is about more than diet, we're all about embracing the incredible foods that nourish your gorgeous body. We love every minute of working on new juice & food recipes and we hope you have as much fun exploring the site as we have every day in creating it!


Lots of Love, Rachel & Hanna xx

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Protein Pancakes

January Detox?

Simple Chocolate Muffins

Gluten, dairy and sugar free - simple recipe - awesome toppings

Check out our super healthy juice recipes for inspiration

They're so easy! Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free. Perfect for little ones

You Tube

Why we love Juicing

A juice detox is the perfect way to replenish your system using the power of fresh, plant based energy. When you juice your system is flooded with a ton of vitamins and minerals which require minimal absorption effort. Our detox can;


- Jump start weight loss

- Promote optimum health

- Reset your system to crave healthy foods


Our aim is to recharge your body and get your diet back in alignment for optimal wellness. We don't focus on calorie counting or banning anything. Neither do we replace good, wholesome food with so called 'slimming meals'. We will teach you how the REAL foods you absorb can boost your immune system & create a recipe for optimum health.

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Juicy Mums 3 Day Detox

Calling all mums, our 3 day juice detox is now available FREE .....


Juicy Juniors

Kids absolutely LOVE juicing! Check out our favourite children's recipes


skin shot

It's a Skin Thing

Psoriasis? Eczema? Learn how you CAN clear your skin .....

kirstin after

Upside Down Wellness

Kirstin turns your world upside down with her Aussie blog .....



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Juicing dramatically changed my health and kick started a journey into true wellness. I began to discover the real benefits of food as medicine. For 20 years I lived with an autoimmune illness called psoriasis. These pics show the difference juicing made to my skin, my overall health and ultimately my life.