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The simple answer is YES! Whether you've recently been diagnosed with acne, eczema or psoriasis or struggling with skin disease for years, chances are you've stumbled upon my page because you're fed up of trying endless steroids, creams and emolliants without much success. You may also have been told there is no cure. Well, I am here to tell you just the opposite! There absolutely is an answer to healing your skin, but it will never happen by masking the problem with steroid creams.


The skin is our largest organ, what is happening inside our body is very often reflected on the outside. Until you heal the underlying cause of this skin condition you will only ever be suppressing the issue. When you stop using those creams BOOM the problem comes back. That was a cycle I was caught up in for a very long time. After 20 years I finally learned the only way to heal properly, permenantly ... and it comes down to a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul. The good news is that three years on my skin is still completely clear. I have helped hundreds of people around the world achieve clear skin and I want to help you do the same.

Can I cure my skin condition?

Not exactly. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition, acne is thought to be triggered by hormones, atopic eczema occurs in people who have a genetic tendency towards dry, sensitive skin. Skin conditions and their primary causes vary, but there are many similar underlying factors that can contribute. Diet is most definitely one of those factors. Continually surviving on a diet high in sugar, gluten and dairy combined with a lack of exercise can create inflammation. Internal inflammation over an extended time period can eventually lead to chronic inflammation. And it's this process which reflects on the surface of the skin.

Are all skin problems the same?

Absolutely. The skin / stress connection is widely acknowledged but often the most difficult problem to resolve. It's simple to say 'eat this' or 'dont eat this' but its much more difficult to say 'stop getting stressed'! That said, it's not so much the stress that causes the skin problems, but more-so our response to stress. And that is something we can control. Stress creates internal acidity and contributes to inflammation. By following a programme that focuses on calming the internal fire and creating an alkaline environment, the symptoms (skin) will start to heal.

Does stress have an effect?

Knowing where to begin can often feel a little bit daunting. There are some really simple steps you can take immediately to begin healing your skin. Drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, replacing creams and lotions with pure, organic coconut oil and transitioning to a plant powered diet, rich in alkaline greens is a great place to begin. My FREE GUIDE has lots more advice and tips and includes a mini plan to get you started. My book RADIANT includes a comprehensive guide and over 100 recipes. You are also welcome to reach out to me directly so that I can answer any questions you have an get you started.

Getting started

Radiant Front Cover copy Lucy Bee west lab dead sea salt smooth mitts


  • Radiant Book - Recipes to Heal Skin from Within (hardback)

  • Pure Dead Sea Salt 1Kg

  • Skin Smoothing mitts x3

  • Skin Purify Tea (red clover / nettle / burdock root) x 15

  • Lucy Bee Raw Organic Coconut Oil 300ml